The Rants & Raves of My Mind

I have decided that not only must my friends listen to my insessive ranting and raving about my disturbing life but so must everyone else that can access this blog. I will only give you one fair warning that I do have alot of Ranting to do.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Ohhh the big surprise, what for it, Here it comes....

Well Guess what Im Sick again......Ahh.

Oh well I have decided to randomly put some pictures on here since I never leave the house and incase u forgot what I looked like.....Just incase.

This is me at my graduation ceremony ----->
This is my Grad Picture

So i did really well on 2 of my test I got: Chemistry 87% and in Physics 73% so not too bad.

And this is the one of the back of my fancy hair do for saras wedding.. cool eh!

So what else to tell u that doesnt involve Final Fantasy XI, Hehehehe I cant think of anything..

So my chocobo is now a Teen and she is so cute. Im now a lvl 22 red mage with a lvl4 sublevel Black mage. I have the coolest linkshell EVER...!!!!!!! They are all the coolest bunch of guys i wish i could hang out with. But the commute would be a B????. But I think one day we should all get together and meet.

Soooo..... now that most of you will have noidea what im talking about im going to say goodnight.

Miss u all and hope to see u soon...if u can drag me out of the house.


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