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I have decided that not only must my friends listen to my insessive ranting and raving about my disturbing life but so must everyone else that can access this blog. I will only give you one fair warning that I do have alot of Ranting to do.

Friday, April 14, 2006


Well my car has surived the trauma it does say that it wants someting new and shiny from stan. It won't forgive him until it gets it. We're thinking some new shiny rear struts. It was very scary though the car says it wasn't being in there that was scary it was the man who ran it that thats scary. We saw him when we picked up the car, YIKES, he was like a house. This is the cars drawing.

Anyways I am so glad I have no school or work today. I have a wedding to go to tommorow. Its one of my good friend that I know for 10 Years. He is marrying a wonderful girl. And we have bought them a big honking present. its so cool I will say what after saturday just incase he some how finds my blog.

So Sorry Dez but most likely I will not be going to ontario. I only have saved up $300.00 so far and I should of had so much more but due to unforseen event I will not be going. So I have decided to use that money to go down to the Skaha bluffs instead. That way Stan and I can go together. Dez I was just being dumb before.

I am totoally in love with Howl From Howl's Moving Castle. The guy is hot. He's even hot is half crow form.

Howl is HOT!!!!!! But only with his black hair. With his blonde hair he's a bit of a fairy. I must buy it. Thankyou Adam for lending it to us.

TTFN to all my loyal readers.


  • At April 15, 2006 1:33 p.m., Blogger Dez Dez said…

    thats alright, i wasn't sure if I'd get to see you if you came to Ontario anyways, and yay for the bluffs, that'll be cooler. AND ISN"T HOWL HOT?!?! I love his blue hair.... like.... wow, momma buy me one of those...


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