The Rants & Raves of My Mind

I have decided that not only must my friends listen to my insessive ranting and raving about my disturbing life but so must everyone else that can access this blog. I will only give you one fair warning that I do have alot of Ranting to do.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Ohhh the big surprise, what for it, Here it comes....

Well Guess what Im Sick again......Ahh.

Oh well I have decided to randomly put some pictures on here since I never leave the house and incase u forgot what I looked like.....Just incase.

This is me at my graduation ceremony ----->
This is my Grad Picture

So i did really well on 2 of my test I got: Chemistry 87% and in Physics 73% so not too bad.

And this is the one of the back of my fancy hair do for saras wedding.. cool eh!

So what else to tell u that doesnt involve Final Fantasy XI, Hehehehe I cant think of anything..

So my chocobo is now a Teen and she is so cute. Im now a lvl 22 red mage with a lvl4 sublevel Black mage. I have the coolest linkshell EVER...!!!!!!! They are all the coolest bunch of guys i wish i could hang out with. But the commute would be a B????. But I think one day we should all get together and meet.

Soooo..... now that most of you will have noidea what im talking about im going to say goodnight.

Miss u all and hope to see u soon...if u can drag me out of the house.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Outside World: What the Hell is that

What my character looks like

Soooo..... For those of u have given up on me. Im sorry. For those of you that haven't quite yet, Thankyou.
I know I have been VERY Tardy about this blog and its not even like i can say that I was busy. Ok so I was sort of, kinda, but not really.

So Catch up time I think. Big one Failed all of my classes last semester and i believe tht was due to 3 things.

1. Got sick for 6 weeks could not keep up
2. Work (42 hours in one week plus full time school sucks)
3. Which is all my fault and so could of been prevent ...... The Bar

So anyways Im now back in school and trying again but there is a problem but i will discuss that in a minute.

So Stan & I went floating the Nechako River almost every weekend for June and July. We went on a trip to Barkerville and Jasper, Just the 2 of us it was very nice.

Jen, Nimmi, and I went to Jasper for a Day trip, Jen, Mel and I went on a day trip to Barkerville.
Nimmi moved to Vancouver to go to school.

I signed back up for my classes for September and January.

And now I have started school again... Now here is the problem I have now became addicted to a PS2 Game called Final Fantasy XI online. They even have a warning on the entrance screen. Anyways Im obsessed and no one gets it. They look at a s just a game, well it is just a game but with real people in it who have become my friend and the only way I can talk to them is through this game. So it sucks in a big way. This our Coat of arms---->

This is the royal section of our city San D'Oria

See I am totally a Dork but i live and breath this game its SOOOOOOO Exciting!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

So My life up until Now!

Well since April I have finally finished this semesters courses. CNC are complete and utter morons as they think I have money left over from some other refund and now won't give me back my money. I had my Birthday on May 11th & no not one flipping person sent me an e-card. Then it was silvie's that was a blast. We went to the bar for both. I went on a trip to Jasper with Jen & Nimmi. That was also a blast. They my friend Jeff got married on April 15th and then my friend Sara got married on May 20 at which I was her Matron of Honor. We all had lots of fun will almost no glitches. And finally I have started my Vegetable & Herb Garden.

On the Left is Sara & Her New Husband Jason Merry

And on the Right is Me with the Bestman Shawn. The little boy in the back ground is Jason's son ,from a pervious relationship, Ryan

Friday, April 14, 2006


Well my car has surived the trauma it does say that it wants someting new and shiny from stan. It won't forgive him until it gets it. We're thinking some new shiny rear struts. It was very scary though the car says it wasn't being in there that was scary it was the man who ran it that thats scary. We saw him when we picked up the car, YIKES, he was like a house. This is the cars drawing.

Anyways I am so glad I have no school or work today. I have a wedding to go to tommorow. Its one of my good friend that I know for 10 Years. He is marrying a wonderful girl. And we have bought them a big honking present. its so cool I will say what after saturday just incase he some how finds my blog.

So Sorry Dez but most likely I will not be going to ontario. I only have saved up $300.00 so far and I should of had so much more but due to unforseen event I will not be going. So I have decided to use that money to go down to the Skaha bluffs instead. That way Stan and I can go together. Dez I was just being dumb before.

I am totoally in love with Howl From Howl's Moving Castle. The guy is hot. He's even hot is half crow form.

Howl is HOT!!!!!! But only with his black hair. With his blonde hair he's a bit of a fairy. I must buy it. Thankyou Adam for lending it to us.

TTFN to all my loyal readers.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Trauma of my poor car

My Poor Baby car was forced into prision, alone with countless other vehicles, by a neanderthal. It was touch, violated and abused by those who took it into custody. What a pervesion was done to my car. It was the first time that it had been forciablly taken away not allowed to see its home, unsure when it would ever see familiar faces again. Who knows what those other vehicles iniciation requirements were for my poor car. Violation, thiefery, assult, who can tell. Will my car come out with trauma in need of years of psychotherapy? Will it crindge everytime it sees a stranger? Is it marked for life and an easy target?

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Individuals I Know

God I am SO Fucking sick of over sensitive drunk Assholes who even when you are defending them think you are insulting them. I am Fucking sick of it. I am SO fucking mad that this person or persons should be god damm thankful that their not drinking & eating out of a straw because one more fucking word and they would of been lying on the floor.

So help me god I will Pound these persons into the ground next time they have a stupid fucking hissy fit. AAAAAGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

Death to Fucking Hissy fitting Asshole AAAAGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

No I promise I am perfectly insane, no thats not right uhmmm lets try that again I am perfectly Insane, no no no I mean Sane thats right Sane!

Monday, March 20, 2006

My so called Life

So I am getting much better and I only have a sniffly nose and some occasional sneezing oh and annoying cough. Anyways.....

I am planning to go to the Skaha Bluffs at the end of august. its kinda expensive with 2 people but totally worth it. Stan and I are thinking about taking the 4 Day Rock climbing course. Its like almost 600.00 each but wow is it going to be worth it. They teach you everything you have ever wanted to know about rock climbing even rock climbing rescue how sweet is that.

It is suppose to be BC's best rock Climing Bluffs according to Beautiful British Columbia Magazine. I went on line to the Skaha Adventures website and the pictures are just awsome.

I hope Dez can come with us but if not I will miss her. I will take lots of pictures while I am in Ontario & Pentiction. Do you realize I have mever been to the okanagan. The fathest I have been down in that corner is Kamloops.

Anyways I am so annoyed I am trying to save money for my trip and my boss forgot to pay me for 13 hours of work and 2 hours of over time. So I still have only $250 saved for my trip. So not cool. AGH!!!!! anyways I will get it on my next cheque but thats not the point. I had a PLAN and now its gone all wonky. Here is another pic of the skaha bluffs.
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